Saturday, January 28, 2012

Unicorn Bait by S.A. Hunter

Unicorn BaitUnicorn Bait by S.A. Hunter

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Summary Naomi has come across a unicorn while going through her grandfather's things. In an attempt to clean it she accidently transports herself to another world where there is a battle going on. A witch finds her and says she will help...But Naomi had no idea her definition of help really meant husband and boy is Naomi pissed. Left by the angry with and stuck with her scary husband she has to find a way back home. Her only way to do that is to find the very things that brought her here... Unicorns.

The good The characters were amazing. I loved Naomi and her scary husband. Their relationship was amusing. She basically hates the idea that she got stuck marrying him and he has a few secrets that are surprising but make for an interesting and humorous relationship. They are both very stubborn and pretty much will do what they want. And the witch...She was by-far the best character. She is the most meddlesome person I have ever had the pleasure of reading about. Another good thing about this book is..The sex in it isn't over the top. I usually have issues with reading adult novels because sometimes authors go as I like to call it "Sex Happy". I like to read a book that has romance and even a little sex but not over the top making you blush and looking over your shoulder to make sure no one notices what you're reading. But this book is just right. Not enough to make you sneak glances around you but just enough that you're satisfied that you aren't reading a children's novel. Also the ending of this book tied up nicely to where you wouldn't even expect that there will be a sequel.

The Bad Having to wait for the sequel after being satisfied about the ending then finding out that there will be more! That to me is frustrating.

Overall Opinion Amazing book. And believe it or not... it is...FREE on amazon. So go download it... Now. Oh another thing...I will try to sit here patiently waiting for this sequel... But I can't make any promises.

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