Sunday, January 29, 2012

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***First off I'd like to thank the people who have started to follow my blog. It really means a lot to me. And it also helps that I'm now not just talking to myself on here. Yay for followers!***

Now down to business.

     Sometime this week the review for Grey Eyes will be up hopefully by tuesday (Hopefully). I am working on reading a book right now for a read 2 review on goodreads. That will most likely be the next review up after Grey Eyes. (Excellent book btw).  Also a new change will be made to my reviews. *Dun dun dun* I plan on writing them in a more professional manner. They will still have the positives and negatives that my reviews now have, but I hope to have them flow a bit better and play off of each other, so that the review isn't so split up. Oh! Before I forget.... I will be reading and reviewing a book (Don't want to name it yet) that I have had issues getting into because the beginning reminds me of a movie/book. I have tried to read this book 3 times but I will push myself to actually get past the first chapter this mystery book review will be posted on the last week of february.  (Wish me luck on reading it). If you're wondering why I don't want to name the book it is because...I found that people actually love this book and that I actually truly want to give it a chance without having to feel bad about not being able to read it before. Now on we go with the monthly list:

Review List for February:
Meeting Destiny by nancy Straight
The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
Bloodlines by Richelle Mead
Crave by  

*Mystery Book*
Plus any  books that I might have to read 2 review on goodreads.

**Weekly Ideas**

So I was thinking I might do Favorite quotes Fridays. And introduction tuesdays. The first one is pretty obvious but Introduction Tuesdays I will post a link to a book that is on Wattpad. This book will be one I have read but I will not review it. I merely want to introduce a book that you might have otherwise never noticed just because it isn't published. Favorite quote fridays will start this coming friday but Introduction Tuesdays will not start this Tuesday but rather the week after. Hopefully you guys like my ideas :].

Now time for randomness.

So I've noticed that lately I've been posting strictly about books. I mean I love books and this is a blog about books but it can be boring right? Well, I'd like to discuss what my friend and I did last night. We basically stayed up till 7 am trying to find our celebrity look-a-likes and a couple of look-a-likes for some of our friends. Finding a look-a-like is harder than you think. Like I found out I look like actresses from the 30's-50's and that I look most like Lucille Ball and basically nothing like any modern day actresses. On top of that we thought we'd liven it up and find our opposite sex look-a-likes.... I look like... Erik von Detten *Gasp*. On top of that we went to websites like myheritage and we uploaded our pictures to see who these websites thought we looked like. I had an abundance of....Men. Boy was that funny and also.. A little alarming.. I got a 78% match for Rob Schneider.  Now I know I look nothing like him but...It certainly had me trying to look for similarities.  This was intitially my reaction:

Bahahahahaha I can't believe I got all guys! And Rob Schneider on top of that!!!!

....Wait does this mean I look like a man *Checks mirror*

I do things like this a lot. It's always great to find fun in the simple things. x].

On another note...These crab ragoons I am eating are delicious.... Now it's time to go Play some Star Ocean on PS2.

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