Thursday, March 29, 2012

InkInk by S.J. Davis
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Sparrow stumbles between two worlds,
light and dark, love and hate, what is real
and what is in her mind.

When her mother dies on the Reservation,
Sparrow’s world is shadowed with anger
and narrowed by pain. The voices arrive,
but are they real? And how can a tattoo
make her stronger?

Ink by S.J. Davis was actually a good read but there were some issues I had with it. Davis uses the idea of the native american religion for the basis of her book. Spirit guides and native prophecies passed down through generations give this book a very interesting plot and world.

I feel like there is never enough novels based off of native american traditions and things like that. So I was extremely excited for the chance to read this. The description of the book sounded great and like something I wouldn't want to miss out on. I still feel this way even though throughout the whole book I felt lost until the end then it all became clear.

Instead of me breaking down the main character like I usually do I'm going to lump all the characters together. They were to me... Unfinished. Now why do they seem that way to me? I felt like the book jump straight into the story and didn't explain who people were and I was left in the dark with personalities and relationships. There was a couple of points where I felt like I missed weeks of interactions between characters because of how relationships jumped within the book. I felt like these characters could have been expanded and I could have loved them but I didn't feel a connection to any of them. These characters had the potential to be great but instead I was more excited about the plot which I also had issues with.

Now lets get to the plot...I LOVED the idea behind this book. It was great and creative. And I do want to read more. I am sad to say that the execution of the plot wasn't in my opinion...The best... Now don't get me wrong I enjoyed this book but I felt like a lot of things were left out and I literally felt lost throughout the book. I had to stop reading and pick it back up later several times. It jumped frequently and there were things in the book that were confusing. Everything is eventually explained towards the end but it doesn't lessen the confusion felt earlier in the book. It was more like "Why wasn't I told this before to prevent my headache?"

Now let me explain why I like this book. This book has the potential to be great..No scratch that..Fantastic. I feel like the author didn't take full advantage of such a wonderful story. But there is just something about this book that makes me want to read more despite all that it's lacking. It might be the hot spirit guide or just the idea of a magical tattoo. Or even just because it seems like it could be truly worth reading the rest of it later on. Who knows? But something grabbed my attention. I can at least give the book that much credit.

This book is very short only 80 pages long, but I think if you have time to waste and want a quick read you should pull this book out.

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