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***First off I'd like to thank the people who have started to follow my blog. It really means a lot to me. And it also helps that I'm now not just talking to myself on here. Yay for followers!***

Now down to business.

     Sometime this week the review for Grey Eyes will be up hopefully by tuesday (Hopefully). I am working on reading a book right now for a read 2 review on goodreads. That will most likely be the next review up after Grey Eyes. (Excellent book btw).  Also a new change will be made to my reviews. *Dun dun dun* I plan on writing them in a more professional manner. They will still have the positives and negatives that my reviews now have, but I hope to have them flow a bit better and play off of each other, so that the review isn't so split up. Oh! Before I forget.... I will be reading and reviewing a book (Don't want to name it yet) that I have had issues getting into because the beginning reminds me of a movie/book. I have tried to read this book 3 times but I will push myself to actually get past the first chapter this mystery book review will be posted on the last week of february.  (Wish me luck on reading it). If you're wondering why I don't want to name the book it is because...I found that people actually love this book and that I actually truly want to give it a chance without having to feel bad about not being able to read it before. Now on we go with the monthly list:

Review List for February:
Meeting Destiny by nancy Straight
The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
Bloodlines by Richelle Mead
Crave by  

*Mystery Book*
Plus any  books that I might have to read 2 review on goodreads.

**Weekly Ideas**

So I was thinking I might do Favorite quotes Fridays. And introduction tuesdays. The first one is pretty obvious but Introduction Tuesdays I will post a link to a book that is on Wattpad. This book will be one I have read but I will not review it. I merely want to introduce a book that you might have otherwise never noticed just because it isn't published. Favorite quote fridays will start this coming friday but Introduction Tuesdays will not start this Tuesday but rather the week after. Hopefully you guys like my ideas :].

Now time for randomness.

So I've noticed that lately I've been posting strictly about books. I mean I love books and this is a blog about books but it can be boring right? Well, I'd like to discuss what my friend and I did last night. We basically stayed up till 7 am trying to find our celebrity look-a-likes and a couple of look-a-likes for some of our friends. Finding a look-a-like is harder than you think. Like I found out I look like actresses from the 30's-50's and that I look most like Lucille Ball and basically nothing like any modern day actresses. On top of that we thought we'd liven it up and find our opposite sex look-a-likes.... I look like... Erik von Detten *Gasp*. On top of that we went to websites like myheritage and we uploaded our pictures to see who these websites thought we looked like. I had an abundance of....Men. Boy was that funny and also.. A little alarming.. I got a 78% match for Rob Schneider.  Now I know I look nothing like him but...It certainly had me trying to look for similarities.  This was intitially my reaction:

Bahahahahaha I can't believe I got all guys! And Rob Schneider on top of that!!!!

....Wait does this mean I look like a man *Checks mirror*

I do things like this a lot. It's always great to find fun in the simple things. x].

On another note...These crab ragoons I am eating are delicious.... Now it's time to go Play some Star Ocean on PS2.

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Touch of Frost by Jennifer Estep

Touch of Frost (Mythos Academy, #1)Touch of Frost by Jennifer Estep
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Summary: Gwen Frost is an outsider at Mythos Academy, a school of myths, magic and warrior whiz kids, where even the lowliest geek knows how to chop off somebody's head with a sword. Gwen is an outsider both to the students of the Academy and the rest of the world. But when her gift of psychometry - the ability to know an object's history just by touching it reveals dark undercurrents and danger afoot, she has no choice but to get involved.

The Good The thing I love about this book is the author managed to use a boarding school and made it interesting without taking the Vampire Academy route. Sure gwen trains and all that jazz but what makes it so great is that she's just average most of the time. It makes it realistic. Because let's face it... Not every girl can just jump into action and automatically be good at what she's doing. I love the way mythology was used in this book. The author didn't try to change it to fit the story she instead used what everyone knew and wrote a story around it and modernized it without it being exactly too modern. If that confuses you then you'll just have to read the book to find out. The characters overall are great. None of them were overly annoying. You end up falling in love with some of the characters after you realize that they aren't who they seem to be. Everyone in this book has depth and it makes this a great read.

The Bad Honestly I can usually find something to nitpick at in a book but this is one of the few where I found nothing wrong with it.

Overall Opinion I loved this book. It's not every day you can find a mythology based book that doesn't ruin the myths but also has it's own story line. If you liked Vampire academy or house of night any of those supernatural/paranormal boarding school books then I suggest you go out and read this one. You won't be disappointed.

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The Iron King By Julie kagawa (Last review of the night)

The Iron King (Iron Fey, #1)The Iron King by Julie Kagawa

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Summary: Meghan Chase is a geeky pig farmer's step daughter. Her real father disappeared before her eyes when she was just six years old. Ever since she has always felt off and has only managed to have one friend. Her best friend Robbie forever the prankster has a few secrets that he will have to let Meghan in on because these secrets...Ultimately are about her. Meghan Chase is...The daughter of a faerie king. Between her best friend and the dark stranger who seems to be watching her from afar Meghan's life gets turned into a roller coaster of love and war. How far will she go to save those she loves and the very people who changed her life from a mysterious evil?

The Good: Julie Kagawa takes a different spin on the mythical fey that everyone has read about. The world she creates is fantastic and the characters have depth.Meghan is the average girl who shows she has a lot more to her than people seem to believe. Her best friend is a famous fey prankster who is easy to fall in love with as a character. Her love interest is a dark brooding fey who you can't help but admire. The twists and turns in this book kept me on my toes and I just couldn't put the book down till I had finished reading it. And even after that I went out and bought the rest of the series.

The Bad: *Sigh* I only have one complaint that I will not mention here. Because it gives the rest of the series away. It has to do with a certain favorite character of mine not getting the spotlight he deserves. But!!!! There was absolutely nothing wrong with this book.. Actually it's one of my favorite books that I reread constantly.

Overall Opinion: Fantastic book and series I suggest if you enjoy faeries and the idea of a new world (Fey world) then go out and buy this series... Seriously.. Go do it...Now. You couldn't get any better YA novels that portray the fey and their world such as this series has. This one is ultimately in my opinion..The best.

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******Other reviews coming soon******

Unicorn Bait by S.A. Hunter

Unicorn BaitUnicorn Bait by S.A. Hunter

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Summary Naomi has come across a unicorn while going through her grandfather's things. In an attempt to clean it she accidently transports herself to another world where there is a battle going on. A witch finds her and says she will help...But Naomi had no idea her definition of help really meant husband and boy is Naomi pissed. Left by the angry with and stuck with her scary husband she has to find a way back home. Her only way to do that is to find the very things that brought her here... Unicorns.

The good The characters were amazing. I loved Naomi and her scary husband. Their relationship was amusing. She basically hates the idea that she got stuck marrying him and he has a few secrets that are surprising but make for an interesting and humorous relationship. They are both very stubborn and pretty much will do what they want. And the witch...She was by-far the best character. She is the most meddlesome person I have ever had the pleasure of reading about. Another good thing about this book is..The sex in it isn't over the top. I usually have issues with reading adult novels because sometimes authors go as I like to call it "Sex Happy". I like to read a book that has romance and even a little sex but not over the top making you blush and looking over your shoulder to make sure no one notices what you're reading. But this book is just right. Not enough to make you sneak glances around you but just enough that you're satisfied that you aren't reading a children's novel. Also the ending of this book tied up nicely to where you wouldn't even expect that there will be a sequel.

The Bad Having to wait for the sequel after being satisfied about the ending then finding out that there will be more! That to me is frustrating.

Overall Opinion Amazing book. And believe it or not... it is...FREE on amazon. So go download it... Now. Oh another thing...I will try to sit here patiently waiting for this sequel... But I can't make any promises.

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Boy have I been lagging behind....I meant to Have the Legacy review done a while ago but I just couldn't bring myself to sit down to write it..I also have to write reviews for the other books.. Which I have already read so I'll try to get those up asap. Might post one more review tonight since I am in a writing mood. Sorry for the inconvenience. I'll be posting a list soon of books that I will be reviewing in February. It's just been one of those months but I'll get back on track as soon as I can.

The Legacy of Kilkenny by Devyn Dawson

The Legacy of Kilkenny (The Legacy, #1)The Legacy of Kilkenny by Devyn Dawson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Summary: Abel a boy who thought he was ordinary until he met Pru. Pru had a vision...A vision of Abel as the Great Wolf. Now it is up to Pru to convince and prepare Abel of his future role which includes...Killing him. Pru must make Abel's family believe he is dead so that he may fulfill his role as the Great Wolf. Now not only does Abel have the weight of being the future Alpha of all the packs he learns that not only are there werewolves but there are vampires...And one has a hold on his sister. As Abel struggles with his his sister he also struggles with the unrequited feelings for Pru who prefers her bodyguard Oakley. A prophecy, love triangle, and duty this novel has it all.

The good; This book is definitely not your average werewolf story. It's filled with love triangles, otherworldly creatures, death and prophecies. The characters were well thought out and they interacted as realistically as they could in a book like this. The love drama was not how I expected it to be. You think one thing will happen because it ends up that way in every other book with situations like this but instead it ends up opposite with an unexpected love interest twist. I never thought a book could escape what is expected and still leave the reader happy. This book basically revolves around abel but the author was able to do that and was able to include a good deal about the other characters. which less face it... You know you're dying to know what some of the others are thinking and in this book you get just that.

The Bad: I had few issues with this book but there are some things I would like to mention. First of all the book was a bit hard to get into. It started off slow but once you get past that it's pretty good. Second...Abel... I like his character but...I felt like he could have had more depth. He sort of just accepted everything. Once in a while he would do things against people's wishes but I mean...There's nothing really to him. He doesn't even try to fight for a few of the things he wants. He just accepts his role quickly and jumps right in. When it comes to the people he loves he takes certain risks... But that's it. When it comes to himself... There's just nothing really there..He doesn't start to really show any promise till the end of the book but by then I was annoyed with his character and felt more drawn to Pru and Oakley. I wanted to be drawn to this "Great Wolf" who is supposed to end up being head honcho but I just didn't feel it. I cared more about minor characters.

Overall Opinion Honestly this was a great book. I had issues with Abel's character and it was a tad slow in the beginning but this book was worth the read. If you like werewolves and vampires and other creatures then I suggest this book.

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A Demon Made Me Do It by Penelope King Review

A Demon Made Me Do It (Demonblood  Series #1)A Demon Made Me Do It by Penelope King
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Description: Seventeen-year-old Liora Greyson has never been a "normal" girl. Born of a demon father and a human mother, she's what's known in the underworlds as a "demion".

Liora just wants to survive her senior year of high school, her dark secret intact. But the walls she's carefully constructed to keep people away crack wide open once she meets the sexy and mysterious Kieron Ambrose. The more she falls for him, the more worried she becomes. She can't let him find out she transforms into demon named Lucky at dusk...a demon with an entirely separate personality who spends her nights drinking, tormenting humans, slaying unsuspecting demons, and lusting after her gorgeous and unattainable incubus/hellhound BFF.

But it turns out Kieron has a few dark secrets of his own. Secrets that will either save Liora...or completely destroy her.

Fighting your demons is one thing. Having one who fights back, messes with your guy, and leaves you with nasty hangovers is total hell.

The good: This book is unlike any demon book I have ever read. The concept of it is amazing. Not only did King create a whole other world she created unique characters and creatures. Who would have ever thought the concept of angels and demons could be so complicated. Liora the main character is unique all on her own. She's already half human and half demon by birth but something happens to make her even more different. Her soul is split in two for reasons I will not mention but this causes her to have two whole different lives. Her human life and her Demon life. The feelings that each side have towards each other give for an interesting take on her character as a whole. On top of that throw in a whole other world that gives a whole different way to view demons and beings of light. Not to mention the two sexy guys thrown into the drama of Liora having two different personalities and lives; gives a whole different spin on the story. This book is like a roller coaster ride and not a bad one either.

The Bad The only bad thing I can say about this book is I felt it was a bit slow at the beginning and hard to get into. Other than that I had no problems with it.

Overall opinion This book was amazing. It's hard to find a book that doesn't play off of other concepts that have been used before. I received this book as a R2R and I was kind of skeptical about reading it. I honestly felt like every type of demon story has been covered but boy was I wrong. I honestly want to go out and buy this book and the second one (Which I have yet to read but I can't wait to!). I highly recommend this book. I love a good book that can use the regular world and then create a whole different world within the same story. It has all the good things of a fantasy novel with the mixture of a modern YA romance novel. If you like Twilight, Vampire Academy, The Iron Fey, any novel on that line; then you will like this book.


I'm currently finishing up reading "A Demon Made Me do It". Review will be up in the next two days at the latest.

On another note. I was able to receive The Legacy of Kilkenny By Devyn Dawson from goodreads to review. Since I have a deadline I will be reading and reviewing that as soon as I'm done with my current book. I'm hoping to have both reviews done by Sunday.

If I finish all of the reviews before the month is up I might review one or two more books. I just have to wait and see how well my time spreads out.

I'll try to keep my blog updated with future book reviews and posts.

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List of January Book reviews.

Okay okay. I know this is the third post in like the past couple of hours but I'm just getting this blog running so it requires work.

January Book Review List:

A Demon Made me do it By Penelope King (Review should be here soon.)
Grey Eyes By B. Alston
The Legacy of Kilkenny By Devyn Dawson*
Unicorn Bait By S.A. Hunter
The Iron King By Julie Kagawa
Touch of Frost By Jennifer Estep

* R2R from goodreads have yet to know if I will be receiving book

On another note, next month will have more reviews since I will be having a full month to read and review.

First review. Posted on goodreads as well.

Blood Warrior (The Alexa Montgomery Saga #1)Blood Warrior by H.D. Gordon
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

17 year old Alexa is forced to leave her mother in order to save her sister from Vampires. She is thrown into a world full of Vampires and werewolves only to learn she is a warrior. This warrior side of her seeks blood. Not only does she have to struggle with her nature but she senses that the world she's entered isn't all it's cracked up to be. Between the gladiator style fights her new school has and her undeniable attraction to Kayden, she's finding it hard to trust anyone including herself.

The Good: The character Alexa has a strong personality but at the same time she is vulnerable. Her relationship with her and the other characters keep the book interesting. The action in the book makes you want to keep turning the pages. The world that Gordan has created is very complex. The way Vampires are presented in this book is different than other vampire novels. The romance in this book isn't over the top like other vampire novels have been seeming to do lately. Kayden's character is everything you'd expect a strong brooding vampire to be. The plot of the story is great and it's almost everything I expected it to be when I read the book (Which is a good thing).

*******************Spoiler Alert************************
The Bad: As much as I hate to say this...Some parts of the book screams Vampire Academy Rose Alexa the strong warrior who would do anything for her sister Lissa Nelly who is soft spoken but has a willingness to fight for those she loves. Adrian Tommy, the rich boy who has feelings for Alexa and gives her money and a car and let's her know he's there for her. Her mother who is every bit the fighter she is. Her best friend Jackson is basically in love with her while she's secretly in love with Kayden who is 5 years her senior and is like a god in the arena. Oh and some of the moments between them are like deja vu. Then let's get to the bad guys. Lamia who are evil vampires with twisted souls who are after the other species of vampires and supernaturals for their blood. Throw all this into a school where Vampires are trained to protect the other species from Lamia. On top of that there are villages where there are undesirables who give blood to other vampires and are unltimately hidden from view just like the bloodwhore societies in VA. And of course Kayden has a sister and a niece in one of these villages. Surprise Surprise. Then you throw in the hierarchy of the whole vampire city and it's like the outline to Vampire Academy.

********************End of Spoiler**********************

Overall View Despite it resembling Vampire academy this book was honestly good and the idea of it was worth the read. This book could be the book for you if you like romance thrown in with a strong heroine who can take care of herself. If you're willing to look past it's similarities to the other series I can promise you that you will like this book. I gave it four stars because I believe that the over effect of the book was great it just irked me that I kept comparing it to Vampire Academy. The idea is not a copy of that series but I feel like it's hard to write a book about something similar without straying towards similar outcomes with characterization. Overall I enjoyed this book and would read it again. I would also recommend it to friends.


So I'm new to this whole blogging experience. I'm going to keep it simple. I've decided to make a blog where I can review books that I've read on them. I plan on being honest with my reviews so expect negative and positive comments while reading. I'm the type of person who loves books and can find a good aspect in the worst of books. Reviews are a matter of opinion so just forewarned when reading a review can be helpful it can also harm your view of a book. So read at your own risk :].