Review Policy

*****I write honest reviews. In each review I write I will mention good and bad things. Some books may only have one but that's rare. I feel that people who read reviews should get all the information they'll need about a book whether it is good or bad. My reviews are my opinion. So remember when reading my review you will not know exactly how you will feel about a book unless you read it yourself. There's always that one person who either loves or hates a book; no matter how good or bad that book is. Just keep that in mind while you read my reviews. If I write any reviews that are drawn more to the negative; it has nothing to do with the author and everything to do with how I feel about that particular book. My reviews are not meant to put down authors or books but rather to be totally honest about the books content and how I felt about it.*****

Policy for book reviews:

I will read to review if asked to by an author or a group on goodreads. I will take suggestions from people on which books I will review. If the book was not given to me by the author or goodreads to review then I will review ones I own or ones that I have checked out at a public library. (Also free ebooks off of websites such as amazon). I will be 100% honest. I will not sell a book through words nor will I try to dissuade people from buying them. My reviews are strictly just reviews and nothing more. It is at the readers discretion on whether they will buy or not buy a book.

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