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Are you an author or reader? Want me to review your book or a book that you feel needs to be reviewed?
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  1. Rebekah,

    My name is Debra Miller and I am a self-published "indie" author of the Fallen Guardian Saga. I found your information while scanning through a feed on Goodreads. I would love it if you would consider reviewing the first book, in my slated trilogy saga, titled "Descended (Fallen Guardian Saga #1)." It is a YA paranormal/urban fantasy book and is my first work. I would love to hear your thoughts.

    I see you prefer reading books in print and I would be happy to send you a copy of "Descended" in print or I could email you a PDF or even gift you the ebook through Amazon? Whatever works best for you :)

    Here is my blog site which has a link to both books available in the saga if you would like to read a blurb and see if it is something that peaks your interest!

    Thanks in advance for your consideration,

    Debra Ann Miller